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22nd July 2014

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"Ann is the greatest human being ever invented."

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21st July 2014

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to catch a bus you have to think like a bus

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21st July 2014

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usagi’s first reaction upon meeting the other senshi is basically “hot a what”


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20th July 2014

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20th July 2014

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laughing so hard because this is so accurate

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20th July 2014

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However loving his parents may have seemed, he [Simon] knew that, scratch the surface, and they’d scream and run away. And here he’s confronted with a guy who is just everyting he thinks is wrong about a person, who comes back for him when the chips are down because he’s on his crew. To me, that’s a  real parent, and that is an extremely beautiful thing to get to, and I think it’s very real… But the most important thing about ‘Safe’ was that relationship.

Joss Whedon, Firefly: The Official Companion, Volume One

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19th July 2014

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Does anyone remember who Teddy Lupin’s mum was? Because I feel like most of the posts going around about him being a punk, are like, ‘Well yeah he’s a lot like Sirius’ or ‘His Dad WAS a marauder’

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19th July 2014

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We HAVE to do this version this summer, I decree it.

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18th July 2014

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You a pilot? 

No, not yet. But I wanna be one, more than anything.

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17th July 2014

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~a few~ of the Marvel men.

you know, randomly chosen.

no criteria whatsoever.

they just ~happen~ to be the ones i like the best.

ok but 

look at this stream of sensible suits

and then sam jackson in a sky blue/lime green combo like a man who dressed himself in baskin&robbins

i fucking love sam jackson

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